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This page is my little shrine to my all time favorite actress....

Cheryl 'Gates' McFadden

Here you will find mostly pictures, a bio page and some news concerning this absolutely gorgeous and talented lady.

I have been a fan of Gates for several years now, and I was inspired to create this page after meeting her in person at a Creation Star Trek Convention here in Sacramento, California in January of 2003. She is even more beautiful in person and just an incredibly down to earth lady.


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This page contains many pictures that I have acquired over the years from the multitude of websites dedicated to Gates and most recently from Ebay. Most I have edited and/or enhanced with Photoshop to make them look as good as possible.

There have been soooo many that they are too numerous to list here.

All pictures on this website are copyrighted by their respective owner and are used here solely by their permission and for entertainment purposes only and NOT for profit.

If any who visit this site recognize a picture that is your property, please EMAIL ME and I will put your name and copyright on the respective pics.

To all of the people whose sites I have visited, and that continue to allow their pictures to appear on my website, I say


This site is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Gates McFadden, although I would love to be!

Gates, if you're out there and happen to come across this site, please let me know what you think!


   Those still with dial-up connections will have significant load time for the pictures!  



Ok, I'm a little embarrassed to acknowledge that this update looks disturbingly like the below one. A year?!?!? Well, that's what a new band and a new job will do.

Anyway, a couple new pics up on the Misc Candids page in honor of the goddess's birthday. Hard to believe she is 63 this year!! Still absolutely beautiful in my eyes.

One from an appearance at a Collectormania show back in 09-10 and a recent promo shot from her local production group down in LA.



At 62 you are still one beautiful woman!!

In honor of her 62nd birthday, I have added a few new pages to the site.

A new page in the 'Conventions' section shows her from (I think either the '07 or '08) Annual Grand Slam Trek convention in Las Vegas.

A new page in the 'Misc. Appearances' section for some random candids from various known and unknown appearances. The first two are the most recent pics of her I could find and shows that she's still got it, even at 62! 

And a new pic in the 'Art' section on page 2 of a beautiful B&W pencil of one of her Marker publicity shots.

As always, if anyone out there know the origins of these pics, let me know!


Added a new page to the Misc Appearances section. From an appearance at a Cable Aids Auction from the 90's I think. If anyone knows when this was let me know!


A couple of updates to the site...

First, I have begun to archive the news updates and such from the home page; they were getting a little out of hand, so I will be archiving the updates on an annual basis now.

Second, a quick update for the Studio Pics page. Organized them a little better and added a few new B&W shots. Enjoy!


Allright, first update of the new year. These pics are from a convention appearance that I haven't a clue as to what, where or when it was other than to guess late 90's or early 2000's. Anyone out there with a clue as to the origins, let me know!

Gates looks amazing as usual. Enjoy.


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