Ok. It's been a while since the update. Still no return contact with Mt. Britt concerning his photos, so maybe nothing will come of it. Too bad. There were some awesome shots.

In the meantime, here are a few shots from one of the Emmy Awards shows she and the rest of the cast of TNG went to one year. Looking as gorgeous as ever in a black lace formal gown.



Well, it's been a while since the last update as I have been busy with work and the band. Starting to gig more frequently and also starting on the new CD so not a lot of time to devote to the the site unfortunately.

I can't believe I missed her birthday! Reprehensible! In-Excusable! 

I have yet to hear back from Mr Britt about the studio pics mentioned in the previous update. He must be really busy. I'm still trying to get a hold of him so patience is a virtue.

Gates has also been very quiet on the news front. Absolutely nothing recent to report on her or any really new pics. I sure wish she'd do more appearances!

Anyway, I finally got a new pic page up with some candids from a Sci-Fi con back in '07 called Dragon Con. I don't know where it was held, but Gates is looking gorgeous as ever.



Greetings all.

A little update for, and what's been going on with, the site.

First off, a new page has been created that features a few unique wallpapers, a few site banners and a (do it yourself) Windows Desktop Theme. Use and enjoy liberally!

Second, and most exciting, is the news that I have been in talks with the photographer who did the photos on the bio and links pages. His name is Jim Britt and he has some extremely rare studio photos of Gates, of the same type and quality of those on the afore mentioned pages. We haven't worked the details out yet, but he's agreed to sell copies to me of all he has. this will no doubt set me back more than a few bucks, but it'll be worth it just to see some different pics of Gates in her prime.

I will hopefully have them soon, so keep watching for the first posting!


Happy fourth everyone!

For all us red blood all American males who love us our red headed goddess, here's a couple of new pages for us!

Also added a few new pics to the "Gillian" page in the Theater section.



Some changes to be made to the site due to the recent hacking. The candids section will be down for the duration as I am re-arranging the pics in a more ordered manner. Pics will be grouped together by category (conventions, misc appearances, premiers, etc). This shouldn't take too long and should finally get some newer pics up as well.

 Have patience, as I have a new job an two new bands I'm playing in now, so as I get time to post I will.



OK, here's some news concerning the site and I'm sorry to say it isn't good.

I have come to find out that someone has hacked into the backend of the hosting site I use and modified the code on virtually every page of this site. The code they put in was java script, which can do any number of heinous things. I have no idea what this code does other than what my Google Webmaster tools told me. It could be a re-director or a malware installer. I haven't a clue as I don't know Java script.

So a warning to all who have visited the site within the last week.... do a spyware/malware scan on your system ASAP!  I recommend Malwarebytes Scanner. It's really good and it's free.

Sorry about this folks. I had no idea that hackers could do this. I have been slowly learning about some of the steps I can take to prevent this from happening again and I promise to try and do so in the future.

Thanks for all of your continued patronage and support!!  



A little update for the site.

I have taken down three fansite links at the bottom of the page for being dead. there are two left.

Also there is a new banner link to a small but growing site at GatesMcFadden.info. Check it out when you get a chance.

Also the guestbook site I have been using is now gone, so the guestbook will be in limbo until I can find another provider or figure out how to do it on my own.   

There is also a new page in the candids section that has several pics of Gates attending Levar Burton's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony back in 1990. Gates is just stunningly gorgeous in these shots, which are some of my favorites.

Enjoy for now...



Happy Birthday Gates!

Still cannot believe you are 60.

You look at least 10 years younger and more beautiful every year.

Hope you have a great day!


Happy Birthday Gates!

Well, a belated one anyway. I was wine tasting and couldn't post anything until today. What can I say.

I cannot believe you are one year away from turning 60. You do not even look it.

Here's hoping you got to do everything you wanted to today and for many more like it!



Added another page to the site. This one is for various video clips and snippets from Gates many appearances and performances. It will start out slow and grow as I tweak the various videos I have to optimum appearance and file size. Because of the limited storage space I have on the site, I will be rotating the video files every so often as well. Probably no more than 2 or 3 at a time, so get them while they're up!

Also redid the layout of the bio page with more recent info from IMDB. It is basically a cut and paste form the site that incorporates links to the things listed along with her credits on 'Dirty' and 'The Handler'.


Added a new icon to the fanlistings at the bottom of the page for Healer: A Beverly Crusher TFL Fanlisting. It's just getting started so not many members, but I'm sutre it will grow.


Hello? Anyone there?

Ok. Let the boos and hisses commence. I know, I know. Over a YEAR since the last update. Well, I have no excuse except to say that the site went down on the list of things to do. But, it has come back up a few notches. I still have not gotten a new design down and still have a bunch of new pics to put up. So... there will be some more posted in the near future, but they will only be a taste of what is to finally come.

The current update is a new page in the 'Art' section. I came across a fellow Gates fan from Ireland who is into celebrity fakes and erotic art. Well, he also turned me on to some really cool G and PG rated art as well. The five that I have put up are of Gates in the following scenarios 1. As a hot mutant 'Mad Max' babe 2. As a pirate wench 3. As the comic book character WytchBlade 4. In a playboy like pose 6. As a sorcerer. The last 3 I would consider PG rated. Very Playboy-like in their look. Classy, not raunchy. Things are covered, but leaves little to the imagination. Nothing more that what you might see in a Victoria's Secret lingerie ad. 

I always loved what Gates said when she was asked about how she felt about the fake pictures of her that were circulating on the 'net. She had previously found out people were doing fakes of her and actually saw a few.

"If people think I actually look like that nude, then more power to 'em!"

Gotta love that about her! 

Also updated the fanlistings at the bottom of the page. The domain they were pointing at has moved, so now they point to the correct site again.


Ok, Ok. So I lied on the last post too. But I think all that visit the site will forgive me the slight.

I acquired some pics from a lady in England, who happened to be a Gates fan in need of some fast cash who I met through EBay. After winning an auction of hers I inquired about any more pics of the same nature. To make a long story short, I basically got about 250, 3.5 x 5 glossy prints of candid Gates at several functions and events like Levar Burton's Walk of Fame ceremony, the Trek 30th anniversary ceremony (where she is noticeably pregnant), a Babies with Aids charity "Strollathon" with her son,  a red carpet event from a while ago where she just looks stunningly gorgeous, the Cable Aids Auction event, and a whole bunch of shots from events that I have no idea what they are, maybe just going out and getting recognized. Anyway, almost all of them are worthy of posting on the site, so there will be regular updates until they're all up here. It may take all year, but I promise to get them up eventually! 

Look for the new site look around the first of the year. I have been working on different things and just can't find a good replacement that a few tweaks of the current design won't accomplish, so there might not be a lot of real changes to it after all. Anyway, look for it after the first of the year.


Ok, so I lied on that last update. This update will probably be the last one for a while. Haven't been on top of things as I'd like to be, but that's life when you've started playing music again! 

Anyway, I'm sure you've noticed that the guestbook has been down for a while. That was because the site that hosts it was getting nailed by spammers an what not, so they had to do something about it. They did and the Guestbook is now back up, with signing and viewing capabilities back intact. So go there and tell me what you think of my site!


Also... I had to add a few more pics that I've accumulated through various sources. A few of her at the Chiller Theatre con and a bunch from her appearance at the Supernova convention in Sydney this year. Most are from SCI-Fi News.DE. A great site for letting me use these pics. Thanks guys! Also a great large shot of Gates at the First Contact premiere that I picked up on EBay.

The Supernova pics are in their own page in the Candids section and the new large is on Page 9, so enjoy as usual! 


EBay strikes again!

Three new pages in the candids section that are from the Volcon convention back in '93, according to the person I bought them from. There were a total of 30, but only about half were usable. Granted, the pics were not in the best condition being 13 years old, but Photoshop is a wonderful tool! Amazing what that program can do.

Anyway, this will probably be the last update for a while as I am working on a new layout for the site. I want to organize the pics a little better and just change the overall look a little bit. I'm experimenting with new things, so I will hopefully have the revamped site up soon. Until then, enjoy the new pics!


OK. Added two new pages. Nothing big, but every new pic is always something nice.

#1 - a page with 3 small B&W's of Gates while in her play 'To Gillian on her 37th Birthday'. #2 - a page of convention photos from 99.

Also, I'm sure you've noticed by now that "The Auburn Goddess" banner points to a defunct site. I'm going to keep it up for a while longer in hopes the owner will get the site back up.


Well, nothing spectacular to report, except for a little touch done to the main picture of this page. I've discovered a cool new tool to play with called Anfy which is responsible for the cool effect on the pic directly above this. Hope I don't go crazy with this thing!


Ok, it's been a few months since the last update. I even missed Gates birthday this month. But, I WAS able to find a few more pics while surfing the web. The first ones are from the Creation '05 Grand Slam con. Thanks to Ron and Claire Douglas and their avid Trek hobby for the pics and permission to use them. A link to their site is now in the Links section also. My favorite one is the last where she's kneeling down. Great shot! Check them out on page 11 in the 'Candids' section.

I came across a nice b&w shot of Gates from "Taking Care Of Business". I loved the character she played in that flick. What a bitch! A complete 180 from Dr. Crusher. Very cool seeing Gates in a different role that what we're used to seeing. Anyway, it's on the MiscTV appearances page.

And last but not least, I found the site again that had that incredible drawn portrait of Gates, and have appropriated a few more from the same artist. His name is David Fernandez Falagan. The top one is definitely his masterpiece, but the others capture the essence of Dr. Crusher very well.

So David if you're out there and happen to come across these pics of yours... dude, thanks for letting me use them and know that portrait is now my desktop wallpaper.

Check them out in the 'Art' section


EBay strikes again! Four more from a series I have one other pic of. These are a little bigger as they are full 4x6 shots. I also kept them close to their original size for quality. I love these shots because they show Gates as she truly is. Just a naturally gorgeous woman. That smile of hers never ceases to make me melt every time I see it.


A couple new candids I found on Ebay are now up. They are of Gates at the Nemesis premiere in 2002. Both originals are much larger in size, so I had to shrink them a little to bring the file size down a bit. The top one is fast becoming one of my favorite shots of her. She just looks soooooo gorgeous in that shot. Her eyes in that picture... I could just lose myself in forever. SIGH.


Ok. Since the old guestbook site has paid their domain registration fees, their site is back up and running. So my old guestbook is back up with all the old entries still intact! Yay!


Since it seems that my old guestbook site has gone the way of the Do-Do, I was forced to find another free service to take it's place. The link has changed to reflect this new site. One bad thing - I can't put pics on this one like the last one. So go and sign my new guest book and help me fill it back up again!  


Courtesy of a great new site I found via one of the fanlistings below, there are two new pics on page 8 of the Candids section, a really great headshot from her series 'Marker' on the (duh) Marker page, and a whole new page of shots in the Misc TV section from Gates' guest appearance on "Party of Five", including a great screencap of her shower scene!

Much thanks go to Gates McFadden Online for their permission to use these shots!

Go and check out their awesome site!


News Update

This very sad news was just brought to my attention by a fellow fan. Gates mother passed away in February of cancer. She was just days shy of her 81st birthday. The News Page has the full text from her obituary in the Akron Beacon Journal.

My heartfelt sympathies go out to Gates and her family after suffering this tragic loss.


Welcome to the new domain for Mark's Gates McFadden Page! It took me a while to be able to get a domain name with Gates' actual name in it. I would have thought she'd bought them all up by now.

Anyway, the site won't change much in overall appearance, except for the semi-regular picture and news updates. I might think about putting up a forum or something similar if enough people who come here are interested.